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The Catanauan Central School

The Catanauan Central School (CCS) which is conviniently located some few steps away from Catanauan Rotonda - the gateway to the poblacion, can be considered as one of the oldest institution in Catanauan.

Panoramic view of Catanauan Central School - better known as "pablik" to the locals. The building in the center is called the "Boncan Building". Its huge ground is sometimes use as helicopter landing pad (of course you need to get a permission), and just recently the first ever BonPen(Bondoc Peninsula) Festival was held here. Photo courtesy of Mr. Jojo Valleza.
Going back to its history- as shared to us by Mr. Mahnel Forneste, an elementary school head teacher:  

"In 1901, an American patrol arrived and organized the local Government, appointing Cirilo de Imus as president. In the intervening year some more American army unit came over together with an American school teacher who organized the Catanauan Elementary School for thier children.

The school started with only few average students. Mr.Allen Morris, the first American teacher, formerly called it Catanauan Primary School with a population of 30 students. The school was an old building owned by Cirilo de Ymus, then town mayor or president ('Cabeza' in those times). In 1940 the school increased its population composing of 30 classes. The teachers coming from the city were only high school graduates."

The Agriculture class of Mrs. Paula Barlizo with the back side of Boncan Building behind them (1960's). Photo courtesy of Mrs. Ramela Barlizo Ramirez. 

CCS students during the Art Contest with left wing of Boncan Building behind them(1985). Photo courtesy of Mrs. Ramela Barlizo Ramirez.

Although it's name is "Catanauan Central School", locals usually call this school as "Pablik (public in english)" - probably because its is a public or government run school. 

With its long presence in the history of Catanauan, CCS has produced many graduates who are now excelling (or who excelled ) in thier own fields in and outside the country. 

There is one new building added between the main gate and the secondary gate along Nabatasan St, it was completed in 2003 - as shown in this picture. (Photo courtesy of Mr. Glen Paz).

 Many locals cherish their childhood memories they spent in this school. 

I, for one - your humble CatanauanPortal.com founder- is an alumnus (batch'87) of this school and in fact one of those students in the Art Contest photo above. There are so much to say about my elementary days here such as exchange gifts during Christmas parties; playing and singing in the school ground with friends; field demonstration on August 19 (Quezon Day) or Town fiesta; my favorite subjects then - Agriculture under Mr. Rosaria, Industrial Arts with Mr. Avila and my Math class under Mrs Uy (grade V)/Mrs. Portes (grade VI) and so many others ..

Memories of pablik reminds me of the creamy "scramble" - a cold treat from crushed ice mixed with milk, sugar and some flavoring - ni Kang Johhny and "snowball" ni kang Pons. Of course their stalls are not there in the side of the main gate anymore ...

** CatanauanPortal would like to thank to Mrs. Ramela Barlizo Ramirez, Mr. Jojo Valleza, Mr. Glen Paz, Mr. Lorenzo DL Forneste and Mr. Mahnel Forneste for thier valuable inputs and photo's in this article.


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