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CATANAUAN COVE - A hidden paradise along the coast of Catanauan's Tayabas Bay...

There is a new get-away destination in town - CATANAUAN COVE which is located in Sitio Paraiso, Brgy. Cutcutan, Catanauan Quezon. This 11-hectare world-class white sand beach and farm resorts boast one kilometer stretch of fine white sand, crystal clear waters, hilly terrain, lush forests and surrounding azure waters.

The property is fashioned after “modern interpretation” by Architect Nilo Salto of the Philippine “NIPA HUT” cottages.This paradise is a perfect hub and “get-away” off - city life for nature loving people, who desire to gift themselves with fulfilling comfort and relaxation. The “Catanauan Cove” is similarly ideal for corporate activities, team building seminars, spiritual retreats, weddings, parties and other personal or official events.

Existing and future facilities based on the resorts' master development plan is designed to provide vacationing families with practically all they need in just one place - Pavillions, restaurants, Infinity Pool, Sports and recreation areas, childrens playground, Animal farm and botanical garden among others.
 Infinity pool will be compeleted by August, while the villas and cottages are continuously being constructed. A huge statue of the risen Christ, surrounded by the 14 stations of the cross, is also plan to be erected on top of the hill at the 2.9-hectares tail end of the property.
 CatanauanPortal.Com first learned about Catanauan Cove late last year, but it was only lately that we were able to have communication with ATTY. BENEDICTO (BUDDY) JAVIER, President & CEO of JEJ GROUP OF COMPANIES - the developer of Catanauan Cove - and to our delight, he gave us time to answer them - of course by email only.

CatanauanPortal: As we browse the website, it seems like there is a membership and some Catanaunins are wondering about this. Is the resort open to public (or non-members), especially to locals (Catanauanin)?

 ATTY. BENEDICTO JAVIER: Certainly, the resort is open to all and most especially to the locals. The limited membership concept merely provides the members the opportunity to participate in the business by being one of only 50 earning members. As such members they have special privileges and rebates from the rooms / cottages or villas assigned to them based on their membership of choice. They may earn between 20%, 30% or as high as 35% of the the gross room rate charge or villa charge adopted during a certain period.
The priority for membership slots will of course be the "catanauanins", on a "first come-first reserve" basis. I have attached the revised membership options and available slots and the corresponding earning percentage as well as the revised master development plan showing the lots (initially at phase 2)likewise available for sale. Non-earning members of just 200 will be accomodated at very affordable prices.
Check the (you will need Adobe Reader) RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES OF A REGULAR MEMBER(as of MAy 24, 2010) or contact Catanauan Cove for more details.
CatanauanPortal: As of the moment, what sort of facilities can the visitors enjoy/use?

ATTY. BENEDICTO JAVIER: We already have the following: atvs; horseback-riding; beach football; beach volleyball; beach badminton; basketball court; tennis court; boating; kayak; snorkeling and soon, scuba-diving. (To show that we prioritize the locals) we also have a fine-dining restaurant operated by the owner of Alfredo's, a convenience store operated by a former brgy captain of cutcutan; a grill house operated by the resort's staff mostly from cutcutan or catanauan; elegant family cottages with aircon, hot and cold water, nice and big beds, and soon to have each a television set and telephone or inhouse intercom.
    The pavillion is so unique and favulous as it is designed with tropical character. We now have honeymooner cottages apart from the family cottages. 2-Bedroom and 3-bedroom villas as well as duplexes, dormitories are now being constructed. The infinitypool and all these are expected to be available by september of 2010 or earlier. The resort will eventually have 2 pool within the main resort, and another pool at the residential area (phase 2).  Phase 2 is envisioned to have a high-rise hotel (possibly with mini casino to attract foreign guests). Likewise, phase 2 is now selling 39 low land residential lots and just 16 lots "on top of the hill with ocean view", all with lot cut of 200 sqm at very low prices to make them affordable for the locals and even the ofws. At the tail end (phase 3), it is envisioned to be the solemn place for all, with a statue of the risen christ, surrounded by the 14 stations of the cross, garden parks and just 20 2-storey and elegant residential houses on top of the hill with ocean view.

CatanauanPortal: What are the amenities in the room? How big is the room?

ATTY. BENEDICTO JAVIER: You do not have to worry about the ro0ms' size as the smallest room is 30 sqm with two big beds and fully airconditioned, with hot and cold water. Elegantly designed at that, we will furnish the same with inhouse intercoms, tv (just waiting the confirmation of cable connections), refs for honeymooners, and villas, and perhaps dvd players if the cable tv companies cannot provide what we need for each room.

CatanauanPortal: When is the projected completion of all the facilities in the resort?

ATTY. BENEDICTO JAVIER: Most of the facilities within the main resort will be available by september this year to wit: duplexes, honeymooners, dorms, villas, infinity pool, over and above those mentioned already as available. The residential area is subject to discretion of lot buyers as to when they should construct their respective houses, likewise with phase 3. But as to the risen christ and the 14 stations of the cross, we will do our very best to complete before the next holyweek.
On the hotel within phase 2, we are now negotiating with investors from Manila.

CatanauanPortal: Would there be a service/shuttle bus that would pick guests from lucena city once the resort is completely finished?

ATTY. BENEDICTO JAVIER: Certainly this is one of the targeted allied services by the company as soon as the main resort is completed. This is a must. We are also finalizing tie-ups with large travel agencies to arrange package tours for manila and international tourists, with transports and food already included whether it be a short (2 nights and 3 days stay) or longer (a week's stay).

CatanauanPortal: How to make a reservation?

ATTY. BENEDICTO JAVIER: At the moment, reservations are done at the manila office through the numbers: 09175204681 / 09193310476 / 09189917099 / 0915783736 or landline: 6325673461 (manila).
Bookings may also be done in advance at the resort itself. Very soon, there will be a booking office in lucena and of course at catanauan town to cover the towns beyond catanauan.

Check the rates here at (you will need Adobe Reader) Summer Promo Rates of Catanauan Cove for 2010 (please note that we receive this promo rate as of April 12, 2010).

So what are you waiting for? Explore and discover hidden paradise in the coast of Catanauan's Tayabas Bay!!

We would like to thank Atty Benedicto Javier for the time he gave us and to our official photographer, Eddie Quizada of Ishot Studio for the photos.


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